Yeah that’s right. Me, blogging.

So what’s this here blog gonna be about? Probably writing. And journalism. And the business side of being a marginally celebrated hack. And shameless promotion of my new novel, Dead Spot, available on Amazon. I’ve already done everything else.

Fine Verbiage for Two Millennia

Whaddya mean, who the heck am I? Well, for decades I wrote columns and features for medical and sports and business magazines and websites, along with a ton of general mass market content — the Village Voice, Medical Imaging, New England Home, WomensBiz.US, Allure, Bicycle Guide, Film Threat, and too many more.

Web writing per se isn’t new for me, just the interactive part is. Before, when any reader whined about my literary endeavors, my editor would forward their mail for my comment, and I’d ignore it. It was a good system. But I see I can delete blog comments if they’re stupid, so that’s a plus.

But what if the only readers my blog attracts are stalkers and spambots and relatives I was avoiding? Will they buy my book?

BTW, it’s awesome — a mystery with motorcycles, music, beer, and a kinky love story. (Dead Spot is available on Amazon.)

Everyone says a blog is the best way to promote … um, anything. We’ll see. I already sent out countless press packets. One editor informed me that my book (which he never read) wasn’t good enough to cover in his tabloid available for free in stores that sell Night Train and rubbers. Dead Spot did get a great write-up in a men’s motorcycle mag, but it turns out biker gangs don’t read so much.

Advertising? Can’t afford it. And it probably wouldn’t matter. Facebook is humping my leg to buy ads that’ll cost me 70 cents every time some technowonk clicks it because they think it’s the same as “liking” stoned pet videos.

So this is my latest desperate ploy for exposure. But enough about me. Buy Dead Spot, available now on Amazon. Hey, I’m just trying to drum up some interest here. And maybe make people laugh. And think a little.

Yep, this is my blog, dogs. Welcome!

Copyright © 2011 SYDNEY SCHUSTER – All Rights Reserved

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