Make The Stupid Stop! / Part II

On April 23 I noted the insane War of the Book Distributors over my novel Dead Spot, which is for sale over at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. When we last visited the online booksellers, Amazon sported three vendors vying for Dead Spot sales at various (mostly absurd) price points: $7.32, $111.22, and $121.73 (and mine, a thrifty $13.95!). B&N’s one vendor had Dead Spot over-optimistically priced at $142.45.

I’m completely flabbergasted to report that the Amazon copies of Dead Spot are now going for an astounding $84.97 (for the same one you could’ve had for $7.32 had you moved your ass faster) and $232.06! (Both alongside mine, still economically priced at $13.95.) The B&N copy has been joined by a second one that wandered over from Amazon, and they’re now selling for — wait for it — $239.95 and $282.53 (for the one that used to be $142.45).

No, I am not making this up! And in case you’re wondering, the three-figure Dead Spots are review copies requested by magazines that never even read them. I’ve decided that them scalping Dead Spot for $282 is an endorsement far superior to any editorial blather they would’ve barfed up.

Here’s the other thing: Why anyone would pay more than $13.95 for my book beats the hell outta me. Not that it isn’t the greatest rock’n’roll novel ever written. But if you buy the $282.53 Dead Spot, I won’t see a dime of it. Also, for $282 they should deliver it personally and give you a blow job. So buy Dead Spot from me for $13.95. At least mine are autographed.


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