So what’s this here blog gonna be about? Probably writing. And journalism. And the business side of being a marginally celebrated hack. And shameless promotion of my novel Dead Spot, available on Amazon. There’ll be stuff here about my friends in showbiz and the arts, too, because I resemble that remark.

Fine Verbiage for Two Millennia

Whaddya mean, who the heck am I? Well, for decades I wrote columns and features for medical, sports, and business magazines and websites, and a ton of investigative and entertainment reportage — for Spy, the Village Voice, Medical Imaging, AuntMinnie.com (a big-time radiology news site), Harvard Business School, WomensBiz.US, New England Home, Allure, Bicycle Guide, Film Threat, and too many more.

So, why a blog? Mainly because everyone says it’s the best way to promote … um, anything. Anyway, I definitely prefer web writing to print, especially when readers whine about my literary endeavors. In the pre-internet days, editors would snailmail their concerns to me regarding reader rants about my stuff, and I’d ignore them. It was a good system. But I see I can delete blog comments here if they’re stupid, so that’s a plus.

But what if the only readers my blog attracts are stalkers and spambots and relatives I was avoiding? Will they buy my book?

BTW, it’s awesome — a mystery with motorcycles, music, beer, and a kinky love story. (Dead Spot is available on Amazon.)

So this is my latest desperate ploy for exposure. But enough about me. Buy Dead Spot, available now on Amazon. Hey, I’m just trying to drum up some interest here. And maybe make people laugh. And think a little.

Yep, this is my blog, dogs. Welcome!

Copyright © 2013 SYDNEY SCHUSTER – All Rights Reserved

DEAD SPOT on Amazon


6 thoughts on “ABOUT THIS BLOG

  1. Hi Sydney, I remember you as a contributor to CYCLIST magazine, way back in the mid-80s. I was the technical editor, working along side John Francis (ed), and a host of other misfits, in Torrance, CA. We had a lot of fun! Glad to see you are still active in journalism. I left CYCLIST in 1988 to pursue work in environmental consulting.

    • Hey Mike! Good to hear from you. Thanks for checking out my blog. Yeah, them olden days was da bomb for sure. Environmental consulting sounds way more dignified, though. Kudos on your transition out of Crash-n-Burn World, I’m proud of you! After cycling journalism I somehow became a medical writer. Go figure. It’s as if faceplant sports inspired us to make the world a better place. Or something. Hope you’re well. Thanks for writing.

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