Sydney Schuster’s novel DEAD SPOT is available on Amazon in paperback ($11 + shipping) and ebook ($5):

What’s DEAD SPOT about?

First of all, it’s a mystery. The time: 1990s. The stock market has crashed. The economy is collapsing. Welcome to Morning in America, where Nona Gold is a downsized yuppie exec now struggling as a journalist in post-Black Monday, pre-Internet New York.

Nona’s got nothing left to lose, so don’t mess with her. She’ll leave a chicken bomb in your car or put a garden hose through your mail slot and turn it on. Hard.

The only things she cares about anymore are big bikes and free food. She likes her tequila neat and her men short, but not her paychecks. Her peeps are an unemployed graphic artist, a loosely wrapped postal worker, and a bunch of musicians with image issues. She’s got enough problems. The last thing she needs is a friggin’ mystery to solve.

But then Nona lands the worst magazine assignment of all time, and falls for the screwy songwriter she’s supposed to interview — an eccentric renowned for a concept album about a fictional serial murderer. It isn’t long before she suspects his gory rock opera isn’t so apocryphal.

Ride on Nona’s pillion seat through her post-apocalyptic world as she rips into the startling truth. DEAD SPOT is a hot romp through a lost New York, with beer and music and some fancy bike handling. Plus a kinky love story, the kind only Spy Magazine writer Sydney Schuster can deliver.

Nothing about DEAD SPOT is what you’d expect, and everything you’ll need to stay riveted until the shocking end.

DEAD SPOT is a 2012 Bookwire Recommended Book and a finalist for the 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.

DEAD SPOT on Amazon


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