Just (over) Do It! Imaging Pegs Overuse Injuries in Specialty Sports
– October 8, 2003

Recruiting New Stars
Axis Imaging (originally published in Medical Imaging Magazine, Sept. 2002)

The Collectors
Rhode Island Monthly – May 2007

Simply Brilliant – The Newest Home Automation Technologies
New England Home Magazine – July/August 2012

Lighting the Way – LEDs Finally Claim Center Stage
New England Home Magazine – Jan/Feb 2011

MRI Proves Tennis Leg Injuries Are More Than Just a Racket
AuntMinnie.com – Jan. 2, 2007

Playing Their Hearts Out: Do Young Athletes Need Cardiac Screening?
Originally published in AuntMinnie.com – August 16, 2005

Obesity Forces Radiology to Supersize, Enhance X-ray Technology
AuntMinnie.com – March 2007

Noncontrast MR The Solution to the NSF Problem?
Originally published in AuntMinnie.com
– July 2007

Imaging and Informed Consent: What Radiologists Need
to Know to Protect Themselves
Originally published in AuntMinnie.com – April 2, 2004

Imaging Trends: Sports Imaging
Originally published in Medical Imaging Magazine – November 2003

Angiography: X-ray and the Great Beyond
Originally published in Medical Imaging Magazine – October 2001

In a Spirit of Giving: Medical Donations Make a Difference
Originally published in AuntMinnie.com
– November 2006

How Rhody Are You?
Rhode Island Monthly – January 2007

Pete Senia: A Life in Cycling
MCA Quarterly – Summer/Fall 1995
Pete Senia, Parts 1 & 2

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